Green Tree Python Adult





Name: Serpentes


Snakes are closely related to Lizards and both groups of reptiles are members of the Order: Squamata.  All snakes are included in the Suborder: Serpentes. There are 11 snake families worldwide that make up the Suborder.


There are about 2700 species of snake. 375 are venomous. Most are found throughout the tropical, warm and hot regions of the world.




Elongated, no limbs, flexible and covered with dry scales. BOA CONSTRICTORS have muscular bodies to squeeze their prey once caught. Pythons, such as the GREEN TREE PYTHON, are similar to Boas in shape, but unlike Boas, lay eggs, not live young.  Boas and Pythons are non venomous. Venomous snakes, such as VIPERS, SEA SNAKES and ELAPIDS (Death Adder, Taipans, Tiger Snakes and Cobras) are often brightly coloured.



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Size Adult

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