Wedge Tailed Eagle Adult




Wedge Tailed Eagle

Name: Aquila audax



Wedge tails are found all over Australia, including Tasmania, though they are more common in open woodland and grassland areas of southern and eastern Australia. They often soar for hours on end without wingbeat or effort, easily reaching 1900m in altitude. Their eyesight extends into the infrared and ultraviolet bands helping them find prey and see rising thermals.


The Wedge tailed Eagle is one of the most common of all the world’s large eagles. It has long,  broad wings,  feathered legs, and an unmistakable wedge shaped tail. Because of both its tail and its large size, it is easily recognisable.  It is the largest bird of prey in Australia. 

Most prey is captured on the ground in gliding attacks.


On continental Australia the species is not threatened but the Tasmanian subspecies (Aquila audax fleayi) is listed as endangered.


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