Gorilla – Hooded Sloppy Joe (Hood is Lined)




Gorilla – Hooded Sloppy Joe Tie Dyed Cotton Unbrushed Fleecy. Hood is Lined.

Name: Gorilla gorilla



Gorillas live in the tropical or subtropical forests of central Africa.  It is a relatively small area but covers a wide range of elevations, from high mountains to swamps at sea level.


They are the largest of the primates, with 98-99% of their DNA the same as their closest relatives, the Chimpanzees and Humans. Males are large, up to 1.8 m tall and 140-200 kg. females are smaller and much lighter. Gorillas are social, living in groups of 5-25 called ‘troops’ usually led by a dominant male ‘Silverback’. They are highly intelligent and can be taught some sign language.  Like all great apes they have been observed in the wild using simple tools.




Both species are endangered, due to poaching and habitat destruction.  Also, the existing populations are susceptible to illnesses such as ebola virus.



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Additional information

Weight 500.00000000 g
Dimensions 350.00000000 × 240.00000000 × 50.00000000 mm
Size Adult

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